Predestination movie review

A movie should be a good movie in order to worth your time to watch it.  If you have spare time and have nothing better to do then watching this movie, no harm done.  But if you have better things to do or better movies to watch (do some sport /  yoga / rest (do nothing) / learn something) then by all means do it.  It's not really a good movie, its pass the time i have nothing better to do movie.  The actors are playing well, the story line is nice, but ehh its not good enough, it will not captivate you.  It's not top of the art movie, its not a legend, its will not captivate your imagination.   So its not a bad one, not a good one, its just another movie, treat it as such.


Thomas Watson said…
Did anyone else think, based on the poster, that the star was John Travolta, not Ethan Hawke?!
Tomer Ben David said…
Hi which poster this one?