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Log failures in scala getorelse, try, future

Hello, so yo wanna log a failure in a less intrusive way than pattern-matching and in a more elegant way in scala but don’t know how? Read below…

Pattern matching is good, but, its for newbies. If you are a serious scala developer you should use the more advanced fp programming tools provided. For example - for :)

But, you may ask, when I use the plain fors I loose the ability to do something with the failures, and, yes, its not straight forward, and indeed when using for comprehension its not immediate to get the failure, but only successes. Fortunately the previous sentence is incorrect, and for comprehension in scala provides you a way to get the failure. So here is an example of how to use for doing something with the successful value and printing to log the errornous value.

for {
      futureResult <- Try(Future[MyResponse](doSomeOp())) // get back the value of the try which is a future.
    } yield {
      futureResult // if successful we get to here, and we return the future result.
    } recover {
      case e => LOG.warn(e.getMessage) // in case of an error we get to recover and we print the exception. vwalla!
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