Generate github style documents

A little late to the game, but I wrote a small CLI in Python a few weeks ago and just added GFM support. It's called Grip (Github Readme Instant Preview).
Install it with:
$ pip install grip
And to use it, simply:
$ grip
Then visit localhost:5000 to view the file at that location.
You can also specify your own file:
$ grip
And change port:
$ grip 8080
And of course, specifically render GitHub-Flavored Markdown, optionally with repo context:
$ grip --gfm --context=username/repo
Notable features:
  • Renders pages to appear exactly like on GitHub
  • Fenced blocks
  • Python API
  • New: Navigate between linked files (thanks, vladwing!)
  • New: Export to a single file (thanks, iliggio!)
Hope this helps someone here. Check it out.