Outsmarting Yourself for Success – Dextronet.com Blog

Outsmarting Yourself for Success – Dextronet.com Blog


Is the following familiar to you?

You set a goal, or take on a new project. You are excited! But soon you discover that your progress is, frankly, a joke. If you are getting closer to achieving your goal or finishing your project at all, your progress is SO-DAMN-SLOW than it COULD have been! You know it, but you just CAN'T get yourself to take the right actions necessary for success.

You are both the grand visionary and architect of your life, and your worst enemy that sabotages your dreams.

Why is that?

You have two brains: A rational brain and a caveman brain (also known as "reptile" brain).

The rational brain wants you to achieve that goal or project.

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